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This is something I'm often asked when I share assorted facts and stories with friends and family. The answer is always the same, "the internet." (I refrain from  adding a "duh," because despite my best efforts, that word does not seem to be back—yet.) I'm addicted to the internet. I truly love digital media and I truly scare myself with how much content I consume on a daily basis. 

As a digital editor working in 2019, I feel very lucky that I've gotten to spend my career leading teams of talented editors and writers to produce  articles that are well-written, fact-checked, proofread, and adding something new to the online conversation. From covering college lifestyle content, to pop culture, to beauty and fashion, to parenting, to career advice, I've developed the skills needed to turn good ideas into amazing, shareable articles. And I've done that without ever ending a title with, "...and you won't believe what happened next."

In addition to editing, writing, fielding pitches, brainstorming relevant ideas, developing features, maintaining a color-coded editorial calendar, pretending like I'm comfortable promoting myself in this fashion, and optimizing headlines, I also have experience running various social media platforms. And as a bonus, I'm obsessed with traffic growth, Google Analytics, and analyzing data to come up with an editorial strategy that actually works. 



Yes, you read that number right. I've written over 2000 articles. And while I don't think it's a smart idea for either of us to read through all of them right now (maybe later though!), I picked out a few of my favorites.

5 Super Common Email Lines That Make Us Cringe Every Time We Use ThemThe Muse

Sending emails can be surprisingly tricky. Not the literal act of sending, that’s one button, and it’s pretty basic. But actually writing those three or five lines always takes longer than it should. How do I start? How do I end? Where would this smiley face have the most impact? Probably right after the sentence in which I request that the person complete a huge project by an unrealistic deadline, right? [READ MORE]

Why do great Teenage Dramas Hate Teenage Girls?Decider

The Americans returns to TV tonight. Which, unfortunately, means Paige Jennings (Holly Taylor) does too, in all her whiny, God-loving glory. While I love Philip and Elizabeth Jennings (Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell), I cannot STAND their daughter. She spent the entire second season rebelling against her parents in the lamest way possible. She spent the entire second season rebelling against her parents in the lamest way possible. Rather than dabbling in drinking or drugs like a real teenager, she goes against her atheist parents by joining a church youth group. You know who else pulled this stunt? Grace Florrick (Makenzie Vega) from The Good Wife.  [READ MORE]

The Time That Barbizon Tried To Scam Me Into Training ‘To Be A Model. Or…Just Look Like One’The Gloss

Let me set the scene for you. I’m 12 and I’m disgusting. Not especially disgusting, but in the way that all 12-year-old girls are disgusting. I covered my acne with the wrong color concealer, I bought ill-fitting and age-inappropriate clothes from Wet Seal and I experimented heavily with body glitter. Despite several one-sided conversations with God, puberty didn’t seem to be happening, or even on the horizon. To say I was insecure would be an understatement. I don’t remember ever looking in the mirror that year and being impressed with what I saw staring back at me. [READ MORE]

Endless Love Is So Bad That It’s BrilliantCrushable

The only thing I enjoy more than watching an Oscar-worthy film in theaters is watching a horribly scripted rom-com with wooden actors, cliche dialogue, bad accents, nonsensical plots and diabolical dads. So you can only imagine how much I loved watching Endless Love this week. You know what, I take that back. You can’t imagine that, because never in the history of horrible movies has a human being enjoyed a movie this much. I loved it so much that I’m tempted to march right back to that theater, steal the movie from them and take it out on a swanky Valentine’s Day Date. [READ MORE]



Does my name sound familiar? If you're Facebook friends with my mother, you've probably seen her share my articles. If you're not, then there are still a few places you might've seen me before.


I've been quoted in places like:

She’s the kale of my life.
It’s so far from okay that this offer and okay are in completely different time zones.
[30 Rock] found a way to call [Bill Cosby] out within their show...
There’s no reason any 24-year-old should feel this entitled.

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