Jenni, How do You Know That?


This is something I'm often asked when I share assorted facts and stories with friends and family. The answer is always the same, "the internet." (I refrain from  adding a "duh," because despite my best efforts, that word does not seem to be back—yet.) I'm addicted to the internet. I truly love digital media and I truly scare myself with how much content I consume on a daily basis. Sometimes, if I'm being honest, I even dabble in the comments sections.

As a digital editor working in 2018, I feel very lucky that I've gotten to spend my career so far working with talented editors and writers to produce  articles that are well-written, fact-checked, proofread, and adding something new to the online conversation. From covering college lifestyle content, to pop culture, to beauty and fashion, to parenting, to career advice, I've developed the skills needed to turn good ideas into amazing, shareable articles. And I've done that without ever ending a title with, "...and you won't believe what happened next."

In addition to editing, writing, fielding pitches, brainstorming relevant ideas, developing features, maintaining a color-coded editorial calendar, pretending like I'm comfortable promoting myself in this fashion, and optimizing headlines, I also have experience running various social media platforms. And as a bonus, I'm obsessed with traffic growth, Chartbeat, and analyzing data to come up with an editorial strategy that actually works.